Technical details


Length overall: 4m98

Beam overall: 2m50

Air draught (Archimedean mode): 1m63

Water draught (Archimedean mode): 1m45

Air draught (foiling mode): 2m03

Water draught (foiling mode): 1.05m

Main characteristics:

Weight (empty): 1050 kg

Maximum chargeable weight: 400 kg

Passengers: 4 + 1 pilot

Technical characteristics:

Take off speed: 7 knots (13 km/h)

Cruise speed: 12 knots (22 km/h)

Top speed: 15 knots (28 km/h)

Motor: 20 kW

Battery power: 21,5 kW/h (Lithium-ion NMC)

Autonomy [2h00]

Range 40 km

*All these details are subject to change. SeaBubbles is still refining its products and reserves its right to adapt its offer.

User info

The Bubble Taxi is a small, fast & very efficient electric hydrofoil craft that can carry up to 5 passengers (including the pilot) with a maximum speed of 25 km/h, producing no wave, no noise and no emission.


The Bubble can be used in different environments: lakes, rivers, open sea…
A study regarding the navigability of the waterways (depth, maximum wave height, current) needs to be conducted before operating.
The Bubble Taxi sails from 0 to 13 knots. Between 0 and 6 knots, it is in Archimedean mode (hull touching the water). Between 7 knots and 13 knots, the Bubble changes into Foiling mode (only foils are touching the water), lifts off the water and “flies” about 40cm above the water.
To keep battery performance at a maximum, we recommend maintaining charging level of at least 20%. A full recharge depends on the installed charging solution. SeaBubbles offers different solutions for different needs.

Test review

Pascal Nessim,
co-founder of Marcel agency (Publicis group):

“Today, I finally experienced SeaBubbles. I’ve been following this project closely for more than a year, and the work that has been done these last months is just incredible! The new foils bring amazing stability and comfort. To sail the Seine like this is magical! Without any noise, without any smell of gas and without any wave. This is exactly what Paris needs.

I hope that institutions will do their best to foster SeaBubbles’ growth. We all need this, it’s urgent!”

Specific equipments

Pieces / Material

Hull: Fiberglass / Resin Epoxy

Foils: Carbon fiber / Resin Epoxy

Doors/Windows: Carbon fiber / Resin Epoxy / PMMA Shield Up

Seats: Leather customizable

Paint Non-incendive: anti-fooling

The Bubble Taxi is equipped with the Fly-By-Wire system. Also used in the aviation industry, this technology allows to constantly measure the position of the boat above the water. It sends this information to the flaps (that are mounted on the foils) to balance the boat and keep it stable.

For our foils, we chose carbon fiber, which is the best compromise between lightness and resistance.

We chose scissor-doors to optimize embarking & disembarking, as well as to save parking spaces.